SIREN Contributors

SIREN is supported by a distributed community of water-dwelling creatures
Voice of Thunder
+5 agility, cast one @chrisblec tweetstorm onto your opponent
Crafter of Wonders
+3 attack, select an opponent to suffer from a bug
Dakra Mystic
Fullstack Trickster
+2 attack / +1 armor, select an opponent to suffer from 5x gas fees
Master of Waves
Protection from bugs, web page elements you control gain +2 compatibility
Ambassador Laquatus
Merfolk Wizard
+2 intellect / +1 design, gain 50 mana for every liquidity pool added
Utopian Speaker
+3 agility, increase defense of all allies until the next expiration
Siren Tamer
Utopian Speaker
+2 charm / +1 smart contract, decrease gas fees 2x for nearest allies
Utopian Speaker
+3 telegram influence, activate ultra meme power, slow enemies with web3 algae
Jori En
Merfolk Wizard
For every second bug squashed, add +2 to deployed instances
Fullstack Trickster
+3 Intellect / +2 Tactics, influenced by no one
Merfolk God
+2 intellect / +2 charm, increase the success of any project achievement
Storm Sculptor
Merfolk Shaman
+3 defence, ensured lucky communication with the community

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