You can deposit your tokens into Siren’s liquidity pool in exchange for sustainable yields that are flexible, secure, and competitive.

In DeFi, everyone needs an edge — Siren is yours.
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Organic yields

Siren’s Decentralized Option Vaults do not rely on token rewards allowing investors to achieve long-term, sustainable yields


Earn regardless of the bear/bull market cycle


Audited by Ackee Blockchain and Quantstamp

Diversity of investments

Choose from several short- or long-side pools

Profitable in turbulent times

Higher volatility means higher yields for the liquidity providers

Simple withdrawals

Withdraw your liquidity at any given time

How does Siren Earn work?

When an options contract is opened on Siren, a premium is paid to buy or sell an asset at the strike price. This is where the yield comes from. Think of it as a type of ‘commission’ that you receive when a contract is written.
When you deposit your crypto-assets into a liquidity pool, this grants you a share of the premiums that are paid to open options contracts. Once the premium is paid, it’s sent to the AMM pool, which is then distributed to liquidity providers in the pool.
The collateral released after expiration is automatically re-staked into the updated vault — meaning liquidity providers can continue to earn on autopilot without lifting a finger!

How much do liquidity providers earn with Siren?

*Siren’s APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is variable. Typically, yield projections fall into this range.
The APY is influenced by the prevalent options prices in the market
The higher the expected volatility, the higher the option price
This provides higher yields for liquidity providers who are options sellers
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